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Behind the Veil
Winner of an Emmy Award!

Indigo Audio produced journalist Jessica Leeder's narration and provided a voice-over for The Globe and Mail's acclaimed series on the plight of women in Afghanistan. Behind the Veil received a News Documentary Emmy Award, an EPpy Award for Best Web Special Feature and was also nominated for a National Newspaper Award.

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Connect to your Audience with the Power of Voice.

Indigo Audio is a one-stop company for individuals and companies seeking to create their own podcasts, whether it is a single production or a continuing series. We offer a full range of services, from concept to delivery. A seasoned producer and audio engineer will provide hands-on guidance, from concept to writing, and to recording and post-production.

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Real Voices can help your business!

Here are some of the primary applications of a podcast.

Blank Brand

Build your brand with audio through insights, personal anecdotes and sought-after information.
People love hearing stories. Use your wealth of knowledge to reach your target market and reinforce your brand. By establishing an association with your key audience, you create a bridge of genuine trust and reliability.

Know the power

Know the power of real-life reviews and personal testimonials.
Inspire people with firsthand success stories of people who have used your product or service. Market research shows that online testimonials and samples of your offering can convert uncertain consumers into paying customers.

Build your brand

Build your own, tailor-made online community.
Audiences already find a meaningful connection with a website whose content fits their personal interests. Podcasts build on this rapport, and help to foster a sense of relationship that makes individuals feel they are part of a larger group.


Allow your audience to kick back and be entertained.
Listening can be so much easier than reading through the fine print. Make your podcast an engaging and rewarding experience. Market specific audiences are hungry for the content that interests them in the first place. Satisfy your clients with relevant, helpful and compelling subject matter—and increase visitors to your site and keep customers coming back.


After Conference — RECONNECT with your audience.
Take advantage of the groundwork you have laid. Offer your consumers online options for tutorials, lectures, readings and interviews. Generate interest, create new leads and convert your audience into paying customers.


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